The Oasis Challenge: an international movement about daily mindfulness...

…based on your abilities
(location, time, energy, environment)

…that encourages you to stop for a moment during your day
(to be mindful, breathe, to sip coffee, to be thankful, to assess, to take it all in).


I created the Oasis Challenge on a Saturday morning in June 2017. Based on exercise regimes that promote consistency and accountability, I jokingly posted on social media that I was starting a new challenge that focused on mental health, relaxation and mindfulness (aka, put your feet up and do nothing, even if for a moment!).

This experience became more powerful than I would ever have imagined it would become. Sure, it consists of pretty photos and coffee, but more importantly, it has become a moment to reflect, either on the day, on the events around me, on the situations with which I was faced, expressing the joys, the sadness, the struggles, and of course the awesomeness (there HAS been a lot of awesomeness!). It’s surprising how little we do this on a regular basis. I’ve noticed a calm feeling when I do.

I’ve missed very few days in the past 2 years and you all have either followed along... and joined in! (I post these daily on my Instagram account @lynnedupuis)

I do enjoy it so much when I see others with their cups, their photos, or using the hashtag. The messages and conversations I have had about the Oasis Challenge have been wonderful. It has also been a great addition to my conversation with professional clients, many wanting to unleash the practice for themselves.

Now, I get to speak about it publicly! What a mind blowing experience it has become. The interaction with the crowd, the questions and the one on one discussions after the talk are the best!

Creating your own oasis is important - I would love to talk to you about it too! Send me a message for more information or to book a talk! ☕️❤️ Cheers!

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