TOTAL COST: $255  - that's $85 a month! 

You are here because you are LOOKING FOR CHANGE. 

JUMP ON THIS RATE - This is not a sales tactic. It’s the truth: the next time I offer it, it will be $999-$1599 - the value is just too good!

The 12-week SOLUTIONS experience provides you with interactive online coaching with me, Lynne Dupuis from LMDSolutions. 
You will be getting:

- All the materials, questions, checklists, workbooks and motivational tips

- Live sessions with me, coaching you on the method, answering your questions and virtually wiping your tears and high-fiving you!

- A community of like minded people, looking for change and working towards it at the same time with you

- Premium access to additional workshops tailored to the needs of the group!

- A mastermind session at the end, where everyone gives their support, their comments, their success stories and their feedback on the process. A virtual party, if you will!
TESTIMONIAL: “That was awesome! I understand your enthusiasm to want to share this with everyone. I seriously want to start applying this to everything ”

Once you have purchased the experience, you will receive an email with everything you need to proceed to the online community.

Total cost: $255 (Current savings of 742$)
This comes down to $85 a month! Or less than 22$ a week!

It’s time for you to shine!