From Uncertainty to Confidence: My Journey as a Board Member

I was NOT always confident as a Board member!

As I embarked on my journey as a board member, I was filled with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. However, I quickly realized that navigating the complex world of governance was far more challenging than I had anticipated. The responsibilities and decisions that came with the role left me feeling overwhelmed and unsure of my abilities.

The early days were marked by a sense of struggle. I often found myself second-guessing my decisions, wondering if I was truly contributing to the organization's growth and success. I didn’t even KNOW what kind of training I needed at the time, I just know that I was not sitting well with me.

Fortunately, the organizations I was a part of shared my commitment to personal and professional growth. They recognized the importance of equipping their board members with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles. This realization led to the implementation of governance training programs that were designed to empower board members like me.

The training and orientation sessions proved to be transformative. They provided me with a deeper understanding of the organization's mission, vision, and values. More importantly, they clarified my role as a board member and the specific responsibilities that came with it. These sessions were not just about theory; they were immersive experiences that allowed me to apply what I had learned in real-world scenarios.

As I absorbed this knowledge, I began to feel a significant shift in my confidence and capabilities. I no longer questioned my decisions but embraced them with conviction. The support and mentorship from the organization and fellow board members played a crucial role in this transformation. We shared our experiences, learned from each other's challenges, and celebrated our collective successes.

Over time, I witnessed the positive impact of this newfound confidence on our organizations. Our board meetings became more productive, our strategic decisions more purposeful, and our collective vision more unified. It was a remarkable transformation, and it reaffirmed my belief in the importance of governance training for board members.

My journey from uncertainty to confidence as a board member is a testament to the value of investing in training and orientation. It's a reminder that growth and development are ongoing processes, and there's no shame in seeking the support and education needed to excel in our roles. I am immensely grateful to the organization that recognized this need and provided the tools and resources to empower its board members.

Today, I am proud to serve as a confident and effective board member, knowing my experience is the thing that helps me to provide training to others. This serves as a reminder to all board members that with the right training and support, we can overcome our initial struggles and become powerful agents of positive change.

If you are on a Board that could use training, leadership, and the tools to navigate your roles and responsibilities, please reach out! I support Boards in so many ways, from training, reviewing their policies, bylaws and governance models, to strategic planning. Forward this to your team.

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