Mathieu Landry - Associate

Mathieu Landry is a multi-hyphenate creative and co-founder of EIGHTS, a burgeoning agency focused on live concert and performance production, specialized artist management services, and educational resources for all music enthusiasts.

With extensive experience as an artist representative and researcher for internationally acclaimed entities such as Cirque Du Soleil, Quartier des spectacles Montréal, and Groupe JKB inc, he has become a trusted leader in the live entertainment industry.

Over the last ten years, Mathieu has garnered an acclaimed on-stage resume as a musical director, drummer, and playback engineer in both the anglophone and francophone markets. Since 2021, he has toured North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe playing for ELIO and supporting pop music icon, Charli XCX.

Mathieu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Industries, with a minor in Music & Culture, from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). During his studies, he worked for Dr. Louis-Étienne Dubois at FOL!E, the Future of Live Entertainment Lab, working on several projects that were designed to innovate and re-imagine what is possible in the entertainment industry.

LMD Solutions first hired Mathieu in 2016 and he has since worked on several strategic and operational plans, engagement sessions, and data analysis research projects for arts & culture organizations, multi-media entities, immigration associations and the health & social services sectors.
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