Your words mean a lot...

“I have a clear vision for the first time ever!”

“I loved the ease at with which we connected in person and the gentle guidance.”

“Benefits to the session: clarity, knowledge, inspiration”

“Ça m’a donné confiance en mes capacités”

“Comfortable to work with while also giving a sense of productivity. Felt my time was spent in a worthwhile process."

“I have done Strategic Planning before. I liked your process.”

“Tu connais bien les enjeux de la santé en Ontario (gouvernance, offre active...) pas seulement dans le Nord”

"We are in the beginning of this process, but it feels comfortable and productive. Lynne is intuitive and adapts to where the conversation is going, while keeping us on task."“I read your 6 step system last week to tackle paperwork that has been hanging over my head for 1 1/2 years. In 15 minutes I saw that it really wasn't that complicated. The completed project went in the mail yesterday, and I feel fabulous! Thank you!!” - R.

“Hello Lynne! I wanted to send you a little note today to let you know that I stepped out of, well may be BACK into, my comfort zone. I wanted to let you know that although I"m not one of your clients, Your daily oasis moments and LMD facebook "nudges" helped me to think about what I was missing.” - P

"I know you don’t like to take part of the credit but the lessons I learned with you are for a lifetime. I’ll doubt myself again for sure but I can’t unlearn what you taught me. What I now believe... know about my abilities and myself. I’ll always be reminded that I can apply for “those” kinds of jobs. I believe in myself and that’s because of our time together." - S.

"I've been reading a lot of your posts (...) and they got me motivated. I loved when you said 'you keep adding to the pile and get overwhelmed'. This is where I was at, so I took your advice putting 15 minutes aside to work on one thing. I have tackled more than half of one task I needed to do. Impressive that so much could be done in such a short time." - S.S.

"Such an inspiring person to make your dreams become reality! Lynne’s Solutions Experience is fail proof in all aspects of life" - M.

“Good morning! Just wanted to say thank you for the confidence you instilled in me to chase this dream of being an entrepreneur. As of last night, I am now officially earning more than I was when working full-time for someone else! Signed my 6th (and final for now!) regular paying client! Thank you for your encouragement and guidance. You were instrumental in this; just thought you should hear it.” - C.