Board Curious?
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Over time, I have discovered that many people aren't quite sure how to get involved in not-for-profit governance, what being on a Board really entails and they don't quite know who to turn to to ask questions. Click here if you're curious about Governance and Board Leadership.
I am already a Board Member
Continuous learning is for you!
Have you been a Board member for a while and still have questions? Do you want to be a more engaged Board member? You want to sit at the Board table and know what questions to ask? Click here if you'd like to gain some extra insight and shine even brighter!
I am a CEO or E.D. of a not-for-profit
Work confidently with your Board
A good working relationship between the CEO/E.D. and the Board is crucial to implementing the strategic direction and achieving the desired results you have worked so hard to identify. Click here if you want good tools and strategies to making it easier on you and on them!