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What is The Solutions Experience?

The Solutions Experience is a coaching system built to provide transformation!

You come in as you are... Whether busy, overwhelmed, extremely motivated and just not sure where to start and we work together to get you thinking about change in a different way!

I become your thinking partner, a collaborator, a brainstormer, a solutions expert… Someone who can provide an unbiased, truthful, safe, confidential and nurturing space to work through challenges and to tackle goals.

Why have someone help you do that?

I think this is the biggest question, the biggest fear.
“Why would “I” need that? I can manage.”

How has that been working so far? Are you constantly reading and following productivity gurus, listening to videos or TED talks about getting ahead, and then not following through? Are you journaling, brainstorming, and generating ideas that just sit untouched?

I get it!

Often times, people tell me “I sit up at night thinking about these things I have to get done… I can’t sleep… I don’t know where to start… I can’t seem to figure out what to start with... there are so many!”

I can help with that!

I help you to develop a plan and help you to stick to it, or better yet, surpass it! (We all have major big dreams!)

I tell it like it is, I cheer you on, guide you to find your authentic self, remind you of your strengths, help you stay on track with your goals, and kick you in the butt when you need it.

Now ask yourself, "Why WOULD you do this by yourself?"

From my experience, the biggest challenge with individual coaching sessions is going home with all the wealth of knowledge you get during a session and then siting there wondering how you will really make it happen!

The Solutions Experience provides contact with me on a daily basis (as needed) with support, reminders, face to face interactions, and coaching calls that provide answers to your questions… you know the ones: “Now what do I do?! What’s the next step? How will I ever tackle this? Is there a solution to this?”... "Just tell me how to do this... please!"

What do you get?
  • Change - A system that walks you through the change you want!
  • Accessibility – You have access to me as your coach via the community, emails, and 3 weekly live sessions (as needed).
  • Continuity – By working with me over time, I will get to know your goals and your needs moving forward.
  • Frequency – One of the benefits is frequency – connect with me and the community as often as YOU need to.
  • Success – those who work with a coach and follow plans will be more successful than those who do not.
  • Mastermind – By joining the community, you get to have access to regular motivation, inspiration, partners, a collaborative environment and weekly live question sessions with me.
How will The Solutions Experience benefit me?

You will never have to sit with that feeling of being STUCK! You will have access to tools, partners and myself regularly to help drive you in the right direction!

You get access to all the content, coaching calls, connections and daily motivation which help you to develop STRONG skills in planning, asking yourself the right questions and putting the right pieces in place to get results.

Start your journey now!
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"The 3 Secret Strategies I Used To Confidently Accomplish Any Goal I Wanted Without Procrastination OR Giving Up Everything I Loved Doing!"

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